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Not Right Now to the Career Switch Itch

samechangeEvery now and then someone will ask me if I’d like to do something different for a living. Also, every now and then, I get the urge to peruse the most popular job search sites just to see what’s out there. It wouldn’t be natural if one didn’t wonder what career opportunities had been missed if they had only did this or that, or to wonder what the job landscape currently looks like. Bar my long-term goal of having a publishing contract for a collection of my own poetry, each time I think about a career change I generally end up reflecting on why I enjoy what I do so much.

Not a lot of people understand all of the interpersonal as well as technical skills that go into being a good word processing operator. A leader in an organization I worked for considered my job to be that of a typist. This showed not only that she was nearing retirement, but also showed her lack of knowledge regarding the technical expertise and interpersonal aspects that govern what word processing operators actually do.

A highly skilled word processing operator demonstrates a superior level of customer service abilities. He or she knows her role well enough to anticipate client needs even when the client isn’t 100% sure of what his or her needs are. A highly skilled word processing operator is astute in time management and is constantly working from an efficiency standpoint with a strong focus on accuracy. A highly skilled word processing operator is at an advanced level with all of the most popular business software applications. Being at the advanced level, you will find him or her sometimes stepping into a tech support role troubleshooting software problems for colleagues across an organization. If an organization has allowed the role of the word processing operator to organically grow, you will also find that a word processing operator can be quite excellent at project management and processes and procedures development and documentation.

I thoroughly enjoy all of those technical aspects of what I do, but nothing has benefitted me more than the customer service skills and philosophy that I’ve developed and strive to live by. During my employment with one of the leading tech startup law firms of the age, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a 2-day customer service training module through AchieveGlobal. My outlook on life as not only a service provider, but also as a wife, a parent, a co-worker, a colleague, a friend, all changed in such a wonderful way. If I had to sum up the training to its most basic principle it would be to always treat others as you want to be treated whether you are in the role of service provider or the role of customer in whatever type of interaction in which you are engaged. Always striving to be in the other person’s shoes has helped me navigate through some very tough customer service experiences toward successful outcomes. This outlook and ability is something that will always guide me through life and helps me maintain a balanced perspective on daily interactions.

While that might be a bit of Oprah Winfrey feel-good stuff, it’s nonetheless the truth about how I view my career as a word processing operator. It’s truly something that I enjoy and intend to continue to grow with and evolve toward whatever technology and business practices dictate. My role as a lead word processing operator will serve as a sound foundation for whatever the future holds, for whenever I decide to give in to the career switch itch.

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